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Happy Pattern Weights

Sharing a post that I did from my previous blog back in October…. When drafting, grading or cutting patterns, weights can help hold your patterns in place.  They serve as an extra hand and are a definite MUST for any sewer/designer! But since most of the pattern weights out there are pretty boring to look […]

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Hand Sewing Supplies

Just starting out w/ yer sewing skills or jes checkin to see if you got what you need, here’s the breakdown of what you really need to hand sew… -Hand Needles -Multipurpose Thread (I personally like Gutermaan, because the thread doesn’t get caught in the pre-cut slits that Coats + Clark has) -magnetic pin cushion […]

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Setting in a zipper

Zippers used to be the enemy…at least in my workroom.  Setting in a zipper used to make me feel really nervous.  When I was a novice sewer, something would always go wrong w/ the zipper and it would take me FOR-EH-VERR just to even sewing the darn thang!  ehrrrmigawd!  But nowadays, after countless sewing projects […]

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