Setting in a zipper

designstitchgo_suppliesZippers used to be the enemy…at least in my workroom.  Setting in a zipper used to make me feel really nervous.  When I was a novice sewer, something would always go wrong w/ the zipper and it would take me FOR-EH-VERR just to even sewing the darn thang!  ehrrrmigawd!  But nowadays, after countless sewing projects and patience…the zipper + I are amigos! =P

You only need to know 3 key steps and you’ll be a zipper pro too!  Pin, Baste, Sew!

[step one]

designstitchgo_sewcbSew seam (where you’ll be setting your zipper into) up to the point where your zipper will end.

[step two]

designstitchgo_pin2Pin one side of the zipper to the garment, following w/ the other side.  Make sure both zipper sides are aligned properly when closed.

designstitchgo_pin1For this top, I’m leaving a 1/8 in. space between the top of the garment and the end of the zipper because I’m adding bias to the neckline.

You can fold the excess zipper tape in, but that just adds bulk to your garment.  Just cut off the excess zipper tape when you finish.

[step three]

designstitchgo_baste2 After pinning, baste the zipper in place, using a brightly colored thread.

The bright thread helps me differentiate between the finished sew line and the loose basted line.  Makes it easier when removing the basted thread.

[step four]

designstitchgo_sewUsing your sewing machine, stitch the zipper in place.  Sew the sides of the zipper and the bottom. (Visit my IG to see a couple vids on zippers)

[step five]

designstitchgo_removebasteTake a seam ripper or exacto blade and remove the basted seam.  I like to use an exacto blade because it’s actually thinner than a seam ripper and can get into tight spaces.

designstitchgo_finishSee how easy it is!!  Pin, Baste, Sew…not threatening at all right?!  If only I had a Bernina when I was learning how to sew!  Gahh!

.     .      .      .      .      .

A few suggested supplies if you can’t make it to your local craft store ….

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