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designstitchgo_goldGoing on a rant today that I hope you’ll see as motivational and empowering for your self and for your own business…

Today I’m celebrating me and I’m celebrating all the people out there who are hustling to make a dollar…we’re celebrating YOU!  And you deserve NO DISCOUNTS!!  Each one of us works very hard to create, to make sustainable lives, to craft to our heart’s content and no one has any right to ask for a freggin DISCOUNT!  …it’s okay, you can applaud, I’ll wait.

When I put a price tag on my work, I take into account these 5 things:

1.  my educational background (cum laude at FIDM, BS in marketing)

2.  my work experience (6 yrs total costume design + apparel design + 10 month teaching gig at FCC)

3.  my skill set (sewing 15+ yrs, pattern drafting 8 yrs)

4.  the difficulty of the garment construction

5.  comparable pricing from competitors of a similar garment

I really do appreciate the likes and comments on my instagram + FB posts, but if someone were to ask me for a discount again, I think I’m gonna go cray!  It feels as though they’re hitting the “dislike” button (if there was one) and stabbing a knife in my heart.  A bit dramatic, but you get what I mean.

Hours of work goes into the things I create so it’s almost degrading when someone goes, “hook a sista up would ya?!”  I get it…we’re always looking for ways to save.  But why do people always feel entitled to low ball creatives?  Is a piece worth any less if it’s not made in a factory?  Does craftsmanship mean anything to anyone?  hmmmm…..

There’s a lot of effort and love that goes into each piece that I make (and each piece all of you fellow creatives craft!) and it would feel that much more gratifying if family + friends took me and my pieces at face value.

What’s your price tag?

[ photography by design stitch go + louise edu ]


One thought on “Price Tag

  1. Sandra

    Grace Bonney alludes to this in a podcast – how people don’t understand what goes into handmade and how it does cost much more than big box or generic fashion retailer made goods.

    Frustrating! I think it’s an education process and eventually there’ll be enough of a market of people who appreciate hand made goods. Well, I do believe that there IS a market – it’s getting your work in front of those who will appreciate it.

    Gah to the discount askers. Don’t ask, don’t get is one of my mottos BUT you need to be reasonable about what you are asking for!


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