Pretty Princesses

During my 5 year stint as a costume designer, I learned so much!  And one of the things I vowed I would never do, is buy costumes for my girls…ever!  As appealing as buying off the rack for my girls is, no costume will ever be made with such detail and love as the ones I make.

Check out some of the costumes I’ve made for my girls throughout the years here.  And more recently these…

designstitchgo_princessdressesI made that Lil’ Mermaid Ariel dress in 2012, and the Belle dress in 2011.

The detail on the mermaid skirt is insane!  I think I spent a couple days just adding all the organza + tulle layers to the skirt.  Here’s a link to the previous post I did that includes the mermaid dress.

designstitchgo_arielskirtAnd the Belle dress…this was one of my favorite costumes I’ve made so far!  This dress can seriously stand on its own!  There’s so much tulle under that dress!!  And the details on the bodice alone, are just so luxe…

designstitchgo_belleLast year, Mia was into Sofia the 1st, so I made this jacquard gown w/ hand beading details…

designstitchgo_sofiadesignstitchgo_sofiabodiceAnd now, like mostly every girl in the world…my girls are into Frozen.  So you know I just had to make an Elsa inspired gown!!

designstitchgo_icequeen11This is actually not the Elsa costume I intended on making for Mia.  This is actually just the sample dress.  After posting on instagram that I’d be making her an Elsa costume…a few people wanted the actual pattern so that they could make one for their lil’ girls.  So I drafted a size 5 pattern that would be easy enough for someone else to re-create, based on the sample above.

The bodice has a 2:1 ruffle ratio all around, dress is fully lined, off-shoulder sleeves, straps, and an attached cape.

designstitchgo_icequeen2designstitchgo_icequeen9The cape on the sample is attached on the back and along the armhole…but on the final pattern, I drafted it so that it just attaches to the back bodice, so it’s easy for everyone to sew.

designstitchgo_icequeen10designstitchgo_icequeen8And while the sample has a center seam on the front, I got rid of the center seam in the final pattern…it’ll look cleaner and more streamlined that way too.

designstitchgo_icequeen6The skirt has 3 layers, including the lining…with a 2:1 shirring ratio.

It’s a really beautiful sample…and I hate giving it up, hehe.  But I’m making another, more detailed version, for Mia…so, this dress will belong to a new lil’ girl very soon!

Enter YOU!  If you wanna see how to get your hands on this dress, I’m doing a lil’ purchase giveaway next Monday, March 17 on St. Patrick’s Day!  A random person will be chosen to purchase the sample dress on monday, so stay tuned…more details to come!

Happy Friday y’all!

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