Measuring Your Littles

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This lil’ guide will come in handy if/when you need to take proper measurements of your littles:

Full Length

First, mark w/ a pin where the waist is.  Then measure from mid-neck down to CF (center front)/waist.

designstitchgo_fulllengthAcross Shoulder

Mark w/ a pin where CF (center front is) then measure from shoulder tip to CF/neck.

designstitchgo_acrossshoulderCenter Front Length

Measure CF (center front) neckline (usually where collar bones meet) down to CF/waist.

designstitchgo_cflengthChest/Bust Arc

Approximately 1.5” below underarm, measure from side seam to CF (center front).

designstitchgo_bustarcShoulder Slope

Measure diagonally from shoulder tip to CF (center front).

designstitchgo_shoulderslopeShoulder Length

Measure along the shoulder, from tip to point where shoulder and neck meet, or at desired length.

designstitchgo_shoulderlength1Side Length

Approximately 1.5” below underarm, measure side seam down to CF(center front)/waist.

designstitchgo_sidelengthTips for taking measurements of your little’s:

  1. Outfit them with tight fitting/comfy clothes to get an accurate measurement.
  2. Bribing them w/ yummy snacks (o.e. goldfish, or cookies) is highly recommended.
  3. Play their favorite movie or songs during their measurement sesh, to keep them and you sane.
  4. Use washi or masking tape to mark where you want the desired shoulder tip to be.  This will make it easier to reference back to the same point.
  5. Use a pin to mark where you want center front and side seam.

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