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designstitchgo_mariaclaraHappy New Year guys!!  Hope you all had a great holiday, and are back in the swing of things!

I’ve been working on a fun project for the annual Multicultural Heritage Festival (namely that lil’ unfinished look above), being held at Annalise’s school this month!…An awesome event that showcases many cultures + delicacies (mmmm) from around the world =)

We’re from the Philippines, so we’ll be representing our beautiful country w/ yummy food, artifacts and a fun choreographed dance (the “carinosa“) that our children (along w/ Annalise) will be presenting.

This is where Miss Louise comes in…

I volunteered myself to create the Maria Clara outfits that the girls will be wearing for this dance.  And there are a total of 6 girls in this production…Easy enough right?! =P

Some back history: Maria Clara is a traditional Philippine style of dress from the late 1800’s.  Typically this look has 4 pieces, like it is mentioned here, but for Heritage Night, we’re only going w/ 3 pieces (the skirt, the top and the scarf).

I started back in mid November, and I’m almost done!  Just in time for dress rehearsals next week!  Yay!

Here’s my progress…

designstitchgo_skirtsThe skirts are almost finished.  I have 2 waistbands to put in, and then it’s just a matter of finishing off the hems and closures.

Here’s a close up of the different cotton textiles I’m using…

designstitchgo_textilesOur country has such a vibrant history, so I wanted to emphasize that energy in the costumes.  And each skirt is a flare skirt that comes down to the ankles, with a velcro closure in the back.

designstitchgo_organzatopThe top (or camisa) is made of polyester organza.  It has a blouse type structure to it with a gathered detail on the sleeves at the shoulder line.  I’m also adding a lace/ruffle detail to the sleeve + the hem of the blouse.  You’ll notice the extra seam on the bodice…I added that detail to serve as a holding place for the scarf…that’s where we’ll be pinning the scarf to the top.  I’ve pretty much got 3 tops done, I just need to finish the rest, and then do the scarfs.

The first pic above really doesn’t do this look justice though.  Especially since I put a size 7 look on a size 2/3 mannequin….but you get the gist right?!

I’ve got my work cut out for me for the next week, but it’s really just been so fun for me!  And I’m super excited to see all the girls together, all dolled up!  I’ll be posting pics of the dress rehearsal and the finished looks soon.  Can’t wait!

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