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Sharing a post that I did from my previous blog back in October….

designstitchgo_patternweights1When drafting, grading or cutting patterns, weights can help hold your patterns in place.  They serve as an extra hand and are a definite MUST for any sewer/designer!

But since most of the pattern weights out there are pretty boring to look at, let’s make some bright, happy ones, yeah?!

[ supplies ]

designstitchgo_supplieslightweight cotton/cotton blend fabric (1/8 yd. per color), washi/masking tape, pins, needle + thread, printable cardstock, fabric scissors,  rice or preferred weight filler,  inkjet printer (not shown)

[ step one ]

designstitchgo_tape1designstitchgo_tape2Cut a piece of fabric approximately 9 x 4.5 in. and tape to cardstock.  Make sure to secure both the top and bottom of the fabric to eliminate movement as it goes through the printer.  Then place cardstock on the feed tray of your printer.

[ step two ]

designstitchgo_printed_fabricPrint the desired pattern/happy text directly on your fabric.  YESS!!  You can print on fabric!  But only on lightweight cotton/cotton blend textiles.  Anything thicker or with more texture, will jam your printer.  Ink is not washable.

Choose from the following FREE pdf files:

Design/Live Your Dream, Sew Happy/Love, You Got This/Always, Smile/You, Blank Template (no text)

Use one text .pdf file per cube, and cut 4 different pieces from the blank template to create 4 sides w/out text.  That gives you 6 pattern pieces per cube.  Make 4 pattern weights to get various affirmation phrases.

*I printed mine on fabric with subtle or tiny prints so that the text can be visible.  If you’re unsure, go safe and print on solid fabric.

[ step three ]

designstitchgo_cutCut out printed pieces, making sure to cut on the solid line and not the dotted line.

[ step four ]

designstitchgo_sewnsidesPin and machine sew the pattern weight, starting with the sides first.  Then sew the bottom…finishing w/ the top.

* Remember to leave one side open on the top, so that you can pour the desired material into your pattern weight.  I used brown rice.  But you can use beans, or any material that is heavy enough for your weights.

[ step five ]

designstitchgo_riceTurn pattern weight over so that all the side seams are inside the cube, and the front of the fabric is facing out.  Then fill with rice, or other desired material.

[ step six ]

designstitchgo_sew_openingPin the weight shut and hand sew.  I used a basic stitch, but a blind stitch is perfect too!

My stitches were fairly small (less than 1/8″).  You want a tight stitch so that the rice will not spill out.

[ step seven ]

Repeat until you’ve downloaded all 5 templates and you’ve made various happy pattern weights….

designstitchgo_alwaysluvudesignstitchgo_yougotthisdesignstitchgo_sewhappydesignstitchgo_liveyourdreamdesignstitchgo_alwayssmile.   .   .   .   .   .

Like any good WhimseyBox Influencer that I am…I included a supply list for you at the top of this post where you can find some of the products I’m recommending.  Buy yer sewing stuff through the supply list above or through the link to the right of this blog.  It’ll give me extra brownie points w/ the WhimseyBox peeps and it’ll help to put a lil’ cash in my pocket to keep contributing to this awesome blog!  But if you find a better deal elsewhere, I won’t use it against you!  Use those coupons!

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