Hand Sewing Supplies


Just starting out w/ yer sewing skills or jes checkin to see if you got what you need, here’s the breakdown of what you really need to hand sew…

-Hand Needles

-Multipurpose Thread (I personally like Gutermaan, because the thread doesn’t get caught in the pre-cut slits that Coats + Clark has)

-magnetic pin cushion (cuz I’m a klutz and when I drop all my needles on the floor, it’s much easier to pick up)

– 18 in. clear ruler

– Sewing kit/case (to hold all your supplies)

– Pins

– mini scissors (for snipping thread or fraying fabric fibers)

– fabric scissors (yes, you need a separate pair for fabric! – cutting paper w/ your fabric scissors will dull the blades)

– tape measure (these are available in pink on my etsy shop for $1.50 free shipping, get yours today!)


*you don’t really need a thimble…I never used one….ever!


Projects that would require you to hand sew:  alterations, embroidery, embellishments, barbie doll outfits, any doll outfits smaller than a foot, a suit for a leprechaun, or if you ever find yourself eating too much on vacay and you rip a seam in your pants (never happened to you?….errr, yea…didn’t happen to me either!) o_0

Like any good WhimseyBox Influencer that I am…I included a supply list for you at the top of the post where you can find the products I’m recommending.  Buy yer sewing stuff through the supply list above or through the link to the right of this blog.  It’ll give me extra brownie points w/ the WhimseyBox peeps and it’ll help to put a lil’ cash in my pocket to keep contributing to this awesome blog!  But if you find a better deal elsewhere, I won’t use it against you!  Use those coupons!


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