DIY Network Creative Genius

designstitchgo_lightbulbheart1Apparently, I’m being dubbed a creative genius by DIY Network standards….heyyyy!!  My fellow blog gal pal of Minnow + Co, Ellen Foord (xoxo), is a contributor on the Made + Remade blog, and she contacted me a few weeks ago, asking if I’d be interested!….who wouldn’t be right?!!  So I answered some questions, gave Ellen some pics and “voila!”  Yay me!  And a big big HUG + THANK YOU to my lady Ellen!!  Here is the full article.

I find it so interesting that I would even question, “really… me?  They think I’m that creative?” when the truth is, I need to be saying “Heck YEA I freggin ROCK!”

Modesty inhibits creativity…so let your pride and confidence shine!  Got it?!….Awesome!!

[ image from We Heart It, edited by Design Stitch Go! ]

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