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designstitchgo_frontEarlier this year, my friend Megan (aka The Nerdy Girlie) asked me to make her a dress for Comicon San Diego.  Cool yea?!  Well, there was a bit of a twist….the dress had to be made out of those swag bags they hand out at Comicon!  Eeep!!

But you know me…I love a good CHALLENGE!!

Megan and I started with a meet up at our local coffee shop…she told me about the dress, the bags and I did a quick preliminary sketch.

The bags are loaded with print and color, so I wanted to keep the silhouette simple and place the focus on the type and the print.  Megan is also all about the bows, so I wanted to craft a simple hair bow (also made out of the bags) to go with her look.  And since this is Comicon and I kinda think that Megan is a superhero in her own right…she needed a cape too yea?!….HELL YEA!!

I didn’t include it in the sketch, but it was a part of the plan from the get go.

After taking a plethora of measurements and sewing a mock up of the dress, I went to work figuring out what parts of the bag I wanted to show off with the dress.

designstitchgo_bagsdesignstitchgo_cutting1This was the fun part!  It felt like putting together a big puzzle.  Ultimately, I wanted to highlight the Comicon logo front and center and Megan loves Zachary Levi in Chuck…so that had to go in the front as well.  She’s actually gonna get to meet Levi at comicon this week, so this dress is perfect! M, you better bring your silver sharpie and have him autograph your dress!!  

I wanted to use as much of the bags as I could, and one of the bags had these strong, durable webbed straps w/ the Warner Bros. logo printed on them.  These became the straps for her dress.  I criss crossed them in the back + sewed them in place for support.  Megan is gonna be doing a lot of walking and socializing, and I didn’t want her to constantly be pulling her straps up.  I wanted her dress to be a showstopper, but also wanted her to be comfortable in it.

designstitchgo_bodicedesignstitchgo_back1I included a heavy duty plastic zipper on the side.  I didn’t want to use a metal zipper, because the metal would just eat up the swagg bag material over time.

M also wanted a lil’ pocket for easy access to her phone, so I attached a pocket that I crafted from the bags, to the left side of the dress.  I sewed bias tape around the pocket for an added detail, and attached a felt “A Silent Film” logo, that M had made of one of her fave bands.

designstitchgo_pocketThere’s also tulle netting attached to the cotton lining underneath the dress for added volume.  And since the material I was working with was so thick, I couldn’t gather the skirt at the waist for fullness. Instead, I incorporated several box pleats along the waist to try to get the fullness I wanted.

designstitchgo_back3For the cape, I used a fairly simple 3 piece silhouette.  It’s a poly satin cape, fully lined w/ a pink/white polka dot print with cotton bias tape for the neckline and ties.  And for an added detail, I ironed on Megan’s logo, from her blog, using my Silhouette Cameo, onto the back of her cape!  I didn’t tell her I was going to do this…and when I unveiled it to her, she was sooooo freggin thrilled!

designstitchgo_cape1When Megan came over to pick up her dress, she asked me, “do you get sad when you finish a dress?”  And you know what’s funny….the thought never crossed my mind.  But I realized I do.  So much work and pride goes into my garments….and while I do get an upside down smile when I finish a project, it’s also very gratifying to see a client/friend smile at something i made w/ my own hands.

designstitchgo_superheroCheck out Megan’s blog The Nerdy Girlie, to see her post about her dress!  And follow her on IG and Twitter to see her Comicon adventures this week!





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