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At Design Stitch Go! we fancy anything and everything about sewing, design + creativity y’all!  If it’s ladylike, has a vintage vibe, and the sewing is impeccably done…it has our heart!  We also believe in all things made with love and all companies that lead w/ love.

Does that describe you, your blog or your company?  Yea?!  Then let’s do this!!  Email me at and let’s talk some blog bizzz!  I’m open to sponsorships, collabos, ad space and more!

[ disclaimer ]  All advertising/marketing decisions are made by Design Stitch Go! + Louise Edu.  Only inquiries that fit within the same marketing niche will be entertained.


WhimseyBox Influencer Info


Ok, so here’s the deal w/ WhimseyBox.  I’m gonna mention them here on the blog A LOT!  Cuz not only am I a WhimseyBox Influencer, but I also believe wholeheartedly in this company, and they are incredibly supportive!  And the influencer community they’re building is even more awesome!

Basically, anytime I recommend a product (and I’ll only talk up the good ones!) I’m gonna direct you over to WhimseyBox if I can.  When you buy items from me through WhimseyBox, I get a cut.  Which puts cash in my pocket…which allows me to keep providing awesome content on Design Stitch Go!  Easy, simple + straight to the point yea?! But don’t feel like you need to buy if you don’t want to.  They’re just a rad company, who thinks I’m kinda rad too.